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CDC Building Group is a relatively new company to the Perth Metro Area having been formed in 2015. The company was formed by its directors who saw a need in the market for high quality formwork and concrete solutions. With over 40 years combined experience in the construction industry we strive for simple yet effective systems to create universal understanding between our clients and project team. Having worked on projects from house building to Iron ore car dumpers we can draw on a wealth of knowledge to offer our clients solutions on complex issues that may arise during construction.

We place the provision of a safe working environment for everyone at the top of our agenda. We are committed to working tirelessly for the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and those around us. Strong lines of communication and a culture of openness between our clients, workforce and management are the essential keys to the minimum requirements we set ourselves with regard to safety. Worker involvement in the choices made regarding PPE has proven invaluable in achieving an enforced and consistently upheld minimum PPE standard on our projects to date. We elevate everyone’s awareness of safety by making it personal, relevant and important to every single individual who works for and with CDC, such that it influences everyone’s choices and actions.

We want to build success based upon customer satisfaction, collaboration, value for money and reliable project delivery. We believe in customer service and in creating lasting, trusting relationships. We want the people who work with us, our clients and our workforce to be part of our team, not just for one project but for future ones also.


  • Building trust and integrity with our clients.
  • Highest regard for health and safety.
  • High quality workmanship.
  • Value for money.
  • On time delivery of projects.

Looking for a quality and affordable constructor for your next project?